Originally from North Carolina, Kathryn moved to Washington, DC and began her design career working with various design firms in the metro area. She established her own design firm in 2009 and soon after garnered recognition from several local and national publications, along with being named one of House Beautiful magazine’s “Next Wave Designers”. Kathryn is also a member of the Design Leadership Network.

Currently based in Paris, France, Kathryn’s cultural experiences both domestically and abroad are a main source of her inspiration.

Paris provides a rich, complex environment that allows Kathryn to continue to hone her design eye. With her passion for art and travel, Kathryn’s experiences abroad influence her approach to curate well-informed and layered designs. She enjoys the thrill of the hunt and is always on the lookout during her travels for one-of-a-kind pieces for her clients. She works to create interiors that are honest, authentic and that connect the interior space to the client.

Kathryn splits her time between France and the Virginia office, and she is creatively involved in all projects.